Sunday, August 19, 2012

Koh Larn Island in Pataya Thailand

Koh Larn Island is located about 7.5 kilometers from the Pataya coast to spend about 15 minutes by speed boat and the boat about 40 minutes. Koh Larn Island is well known among foreign tourists in the "coral islands" (Coral Islands).

Topography shape of the island look like Pentagon. An area of ​​approximately 3,500 acres, the length of the island from south to north to south length of about 4.65 km and a width measured approximately 2.15 km

Places To Stay on the Island.

Tawan Beach.

Locate North of the Island. The beach stretches about 750 meters in a very natural beauty white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. The beaches on both sides there are beautiful coral reefs.

Haad Tien Beach 

It has a length of about 500 meters west of the island. This is a beautiful sandy beach same Tawan but it's Because less popular because they are shorter from Tawan.

Thong Lang beach (Haad Thong Lang)

A small, quiet beach, ideal for tourists who want to relax in private. Haad Thong Lang's main activity is snorkeling. The beach area that connects the Tawan Beach. You can see a beautiful reef with Sea Walker activitie. Tourists who love the sea but not diving at the beach is also a glass bottom boat. Be able to tour to a close.

Sem Beach 

Locate in the southwest of the island.  A small beach about 300 meters long. The forest zone is Natural abundance. This beach is beautiful, quiet. Perfect for relaxing and swimming. It also locate for Forest office, Visitor Center, Resort and Camping area.

Accommodation on Koh Larn.

Accommodation on the island to the docks are located at the front front and some on village, Tar Yay beach and Sem Beach.