Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pattaya – Let’s Go Go Girls

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Walking Street, Pattaya

Patpong DancerAfter the success of Thai Bar Girls – Money for Honey I am now going to turn my attention onto go go girls and wrap up my mini series.

There are a few different ways of escaping the afternoon heat of Pattaya, and slipping into one of the many go go bars to enjoy a happy hour drink in the company of scantily clad ladies is one of the more enjoyable options.

Go Go bars first appeared in Thailand during the Vietnam War and were convenient sexercise outlets for the US forces on R&R. The stampede of tourists to Thailand in the late 20th century saw go go bars become more popular as the sex industry sprung to life in Bangkok’s tourist hot spots. Patpong (pictured right), Soi Cowboy and later Nana Plaza drew the customers in as Pattaya also grew to become known as one of the major destinations for the sex tourist.

Left photo : http://www.saigon-girl.com

The Classroom, Mistys, Living Dolls and Kitten Club may sound like all female pop bands but to the experienced Pattaya man they are a place to beat the heat and watch a dance spectacle to please the eye. In a city where sex sells, the go go dancers command a monthly salary far above that of the bar girls and the “fee” they command from their punters rubber-stamps their more elite and glamorous status. So what are the advantages and disadvantages between the go go dancer and the bar girl.

Green for Go Go

* What you see is what you get -Walking Street, PattayaThe go go dancers are as a rule of thumb lithe and good looking. Their bodies obviously being on show means they are normally a lot more fitter looking with little marking. The dancers also tend to be taller girls.

* Where have you been darling – All the go go bars have short time rooms where you take the girl to conclude your business. This is a great advantage for the girls as it allows the tourist and ex pat, married or otherwise, to slip into these bars for a hour or two of unseen fun.

* Professionalism – These girls will give a more professional and sophisticated approach to pleasing their customers, the salary needs to be protected.

Red for No Go Go

* Price – You will pay a lot more to the go go girl than to your average bar girl quite simply for the reasons listed above. Bar fines will start at 500 baht and the dancers will demand between 1000 & 2000 baht. Afternoon and very late at night may see the girls prices drop dependant on punter availability. Christmas and New Year will see the prices rise sharply.

* Sugar Daddy – There is much more liklihood of the go go girl having a rich sugar daddy than the less well off bar girl, and she certainly isn’t going to tell you about him. Leave your heartstrings in your hotel room when visiting go go bars.

* Island Girl – If you’re thinking of taking a go go girl off to an island for a spot of R&R, it’s going to be expensive. Compared to the lower incomed bar girl your exotic dancer will command a high fee, almost certainly expect a top class hotel and will expect to shop at the top boutiques instead of the bar girl’s markets. The bar fine will also have to be paid on top.

Soi Pattayaland and Walking Street both have a wealth of go go bars, with others dotted all around the city. If you are going for an afternoon or evening venture to see the dancing girls of Pattaya, don’t forget, leave your heartstrings in your hotel room and good luck.