Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Walking Street Pataya

photo : www.pattayablog.wordpress.com

photo : http://www.thaisabai.org

Walking Street
is probably the most famous street (or SOI), Thailand. It center stage of the nightlife in Pattaya, Thailand, and is home to some of the best bars and pubs galore in Pattaya has to offer

In fact, it is (probably) one of the most exciting streets in the world where you are looking for fun. 1000 meters from the bar, GoGo Bars, restaurants, nightclubs and girls of course!

If Pattaya Funtown then FunStreet!

Walking Street offers something for everyone, crazy bars, pubs, restaurants for all tastes, including bars with Ladyboys for those so inclined. Add to the mix of stalls, souvenir shops, street performers and you'll understand why it is the number one tourist attraction in Pattaya.

How were the wealthy Pattaya Open-set of bars for beer and complex air, but in February 2008 compared with 50 air-conditioned bar closed, so you cool, even if they feel that you can not sit down and the circus was city.

This is the only site dedicated to provide users with information about the nightlife of the bustling nightlife of Pattaya - Walking Street and its immediate surroundings of the site.